Track Sessions // APRIL 9


In this track, delegates will share best practices on fundamental issues and challenges agency tech teams face - both today and in the foreseeable future. Session topics will include:

  • Using Modern Workflows to Deliver Effectiveness
  • Tooling to Maintain Efficiency
  • The Role of Technology Within a Collaborative Agency Environment
  • Managing Libraries and Frameworks (Combating JavaScript Fatigue)
  • Recruiting, Developing & Retaining Technology Teams
  • Optimizing Process: How to Properly Estimate and Maintain Development Projects
  • Developing Technology for Mobile & Wearables
  • Implementing Effective Post-Project Support Initiatives
  • Directing Efforts to Achieve Consistent Compliance with Disability Legislation

Faculty Leaders


PJ Ahlberg

Executive Technical Director, Stink Studios

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Eric Decker

VP of Technology, Firstborn

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