Track Sessions // APRIL 9


Agencies and clients want strategy they can shout about. It’s a gateway to more, better work, and it’s fun to hear a higher ratio of unusual facts at midnight at the holiday party. 

But, for many, strategy is quiet and mumbling. Big words buried in long decks and hidden in top drawers. It’s a mystical, ancient puzzle that, hopefully, someone else will sort out. It seems useful but it’s not always clear how to make money from it. And, everybody thinks they’re strategic these days, but many aren’t clear and vocal about what that even means.  

In this track, participants will learn how to make strategy at their agencies louder. 

Ear-ringing-ly loud. 

With a deafening combination of theory, debate, self-development, and utterly practical techniques, if you’re daring enough to attend, you’ll leave amped, clearer about how strategy can contribute to your agency, and with dope skills.

Here’s how it will go down:

Strategy –  Existential Angst or Opportunity?

  • Strategy, Why So Quiet Right Now?
  • Strategists, Why Are You Here?
  • The Role of Strategy in an Agency

Cultivating Your Skills – Pump up the Volume

  • Why Insights And Problems Change Relationships
  • How To Listen To A Hunch
  • Data With Teeth
  • Questions With Volume
  • How To Make A Show Of Your Strategy

Personal Growth – It’s an Inside Job

  • The Right Kind of Nuts: Getting To Know Your Crazy 
  • What Others Need From You
  • Having A Vocal Presence Outside The Office

Faculty Leaders


Nathan Adkisson

Director of Strategy, Local Projects

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Mark Pollard

Founder, Mighty Jungle

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