Understanding IP for Agency Leaders

Copyrights, trademarks, software code—it’s the most important stuff your company produces and owns, and you don’t understand the first thing about how to use it, or how to protect it.  (Really, you don’t.)  Clients are demanding original content at breakneck speeds.  To meet its goals, your company may even be “borrowing” some ideas from its competitors.  But where’s the line between “borrowing” and infringement? How do you protect your agency’s valuable IP?  When can you use other people’s IP?  What should you do to avoid expensive licensing disputes and costly litigation?

You have questions—and we have answers.  In this session, SoDA’s Global General Counsel will give you the strategies your agency needs to identify issues related to intellectual property, copyright and trademark infringement. We’ll also look at simple mechanisms you can put in place (both processes and contracts) that will help keep your agency out of trouble and on the right side of the law.

Faculty Leaders


Bradley Gross, P.A.

Managing Partner, Law Offices of Bradley Gross

General Counsel, SoDA

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