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Steve Wages

Principal Consultant, AgencyAgile

A former licensed architect, Steve co-founded and bootstrapped digital agency Juxt Interactive in 1998 as CEO and lead client strategist. Juxt provided digital AOR as well as project-based services to clients such as Kawasaki, BMW, Red Bull, Target, Coca Cola, Sam Adams, Billabong, and Volkswagen. Steve sold the agency in 2008.

Steve was one of the original “Miami 13” digital agency CEO’s to found the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), in 2007. He served on the board of directors in 08’ & 09’ before becoming the interim Executive Director in January 2010. After creating a new 3-year organizational strategy and transforming the organization he on-boarded the new Director of Operations and stepped away from SoDA as a paid employee. Steve currently serves as SoDA’s Business Strategy advisor and was the Dean of Strategy at the first SoDA academy.

In mid-2013 Steve joined the executive team at AgencyAgile, to help build and evangelize the AgencyAgile Framework. AgencyAgile has trained over 3,000 agency staff at over 100 organizations globally.