Olen Ronning (Project Management)

Company: 10,000ft

Title: Director of Design

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Email: olen@10000ft.com 


Olen Ronning is the director of design at 10,000ft, where he leads the user experience and design for the brand and its products, 10,000ft Plans and 10,000ft Insights. Previously, he was a user experience expert and designer at award-winning digital innovation company Artefact. He has led design work on new software products for mobile, desktop, TV, and the web for companies like Dell, Intel, HP, HTC, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Olen believes in designing products for a better future, and has focused on directing the creative vision of life-saving medical equipment, visualization software, and Artefact's Civic IQ commenting platform, which was awarded a Knight Foundation prototype grant. Olen’s expertise in innovation best practices stems from his passion for design thinking and creative tools and platforms. He is is routinely immersed in innovation research as well as practical strategies on how to encourage creative thinking, while providing the guide rails needed to drive towards solution.