Track Sessions // APRIL 9


In this track, delegates will focus on improving the way agencies, production companies and others in our industry operate, structure teams, and orchestrate workflows to create innovative, collaborative and effective businesses. Session topics will include:

  • Navigating Key Operational Pivot Points: Achieving Efficient Operational Growth
  • Refining and Improving the Procurement Process
  • Analyzing & Implementing Various Workflow Models
  • Achieving the Right Agency Environment: Balancing Collaboration with Accountability
  • Managing Operations During Times of Crisis; Navigating the Downturns
  • Emerging Estimation Methods and Alternative Compensation Models
  • Selecting and Optimally Employing the Best Tools for Operational Measurement
  • Determining the Efficacy of Outsourcing

Faculty Leaders


Vince LaVecchia

Partner & COO, Instrument

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