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Jules Ehrhardt

Former owner, ustwo

Author, State of the Digital Nation

Jules has enjoyed 16 years in digital, eight of which at the forefront of digital product, living/working in four continents. He has lived and worked the UK, Germany, Japan, Australia and now the US in New York. Jules is currently building his next company, FCTRY, a Creative Capital Studio serving as strategic partner to leading startup entrepreneurs as well as VC firms.

Jules spent eight years at the heart of digital product studio ustwo in an ownership and business architect role, where he helped establish the global reputation of the studio and forge their blended model of consultancy, own-IP and venture based work. Whilst ‘digital’ has been a constant throughout his career, Jules has lived many professional lives including as a wood-fired pizza restaurateur in Japan. He uses his position to help foster a more inclusive industry and environment and whilst at ustwo founded the Pledge Parental Leave movement.

Jules is an angel investor in and advisor to early stage technology companies. He is a keen and candid conference, event and podcast guest speaker on the topic of the digital industry. He also shares his thoughts via Medium and Twitter under the @ezyjules handle.

He is father to two young boys and is married to an Australian. He is a keen runner, bread lover and Japanophile. He likes it real, open and direct, placing great emphasis on personal development.