Hannah Kreiswirth

COO at Area 17

As COO, Hannah works across the New York and Paris studios leading the operations and production disciplines. Keeping sharp to the work through her executive creative direction on client projects, her focus is to put the strategy and systems in place behind the scenes that allow interdisciplinary teams and diverse clients to thrive. With the belief that design, technology and creativity can change the world for the better, Hannah connects the people, process and partners to realize that change through the agency and its clients' success. Prior to joining AREA 17, Hannah worked in a variety of contexts – as a creative director, business strategist and entrepreneur within media, publishing and in the New York tech scene and, most recently, as Senior Director and Head of Creative at Purpose, a social impact agency and accelerator. Her work has premiered on the The New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and others, and has received awards and nominations from Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards, Webby's, Mashies and Creativity International.