Changing the Terms for the Creative Class

The agency world finds itself in a prolonged existential crisis. As the consultancy vs ad holding group wars intensify, the agency model itself faces even greater pressure. Even “digitally-native” agencies, once the primary disruptors of the traditional creative ecosystem, find themselves scrambling for cover in a landscape littered with new and expanding competition… from global management consultancies to boutique product design studios. Is the demise of the agency model necessary in order for us to take an evolutionary leap? Now more than ever there is urgency to explore new avenues for the creative class. How do we change the terms of business? Assessing the state of our digital nation, this session will review the landscape, learning from progressive examples, company structures, investment models and partnership arrangements that embrace the world of venture. We will discuss opportunities for agency leaders to not just change their service offering but change the terms under which they operate. It is time for change.

Faculty Leaders

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Jules Ehrhardt

Former owner, ustwo

Author, State of the Digital Nation

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