Inspired by Science (and Explosives) to Accelerate Your Learning

Recent studies have found that the ideal number of people for a productive, coherent conversation is no more than four. Adding a fifth person (or more) often splinters the discussion and prohibits participants from diving more deeply into the topic at hand.

Incidentally, this format (C-4, as we like to call it) also borrows a page from the self-named plastic explosive known for its ability to be easily be molded into any desired shape to best focus the direction and velocity of impact.

As part of the Day 2 curriculum at The SoDA Academy, we’ll be structuring a series of small group conversations designed to foster peer sharing and accelerated learning. We’ll offer a broad range of topical conversations to join or the opportunity to create your own discussion. The groups will rotate every 30 minutes and the C-4 format packs a captivating amount of peer-knowledge exchange into a single session. But don’t worry… no explosions, only impact!

Faculty Leaders


Wesley ter Haar

Co-Founder & Head of Operations, MediaMonks

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Kristen Koeller

Executive Producer, HUSH

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