Day 1 Track Sessions // November 13th

Day 1 is designed to introduce attendees to new ways of interacting in a learning environment - within their subject matter tracks, attendees will engage in open and frank discussions of pressing challenges, unmet needs, and emerging opportunities. We’ll look at both trends affecting the disciplines and the roles of each discipline in agency management, growth, and thought leadership. Click the icons below to learn more:

Day 2 Interdisciplinary Sessions // November 14th

Day 2 offers a broad mix of interdisciplinary as well as discipline-specific sessions.

Delegates who wish to remain in a discipline-specific environment (with other Design & Design Thinking leads, for example) will be able to select from an array of Master Classes that will be even more intimate than the Day 1 tracks, allowing participants to dive deeper and to explore additional topics within a rigorous collaborative learning environment.

Meanwhile, cognizant of the fact that work within modern digital agencies is not brought to fruition within a silo at the individual discipline level, delegates will also be able to choose from interdisciplinary sessions focused on the multiple, cross-cutting ways practice areas within agencies intersect and overlap. We’ll offer sessions around agency leadership and innovation, as well as focused workshops on how disciplines such as strategy, analytics and design thinking (for example) should collaborate to produce the most impactful digital experiences possible.