Tony Quin

Postion: CEO
Company: IQ Agency
Track: Day 2: The Unified Theory of Marketing

Tony is a founder of SoDA and Chairman of the Board. Tony is credited with naming the organization and was one of two founding members to bring the original meeting in Miami to fruition back in 2006. He is also on the board of the Communications School of Elon University. Tony Quin founded IQ in 1995 as an agency specializing in television. In 1999, IQ began the transformation to a digital agency. Today IQ is a full service agency with digital at its core, and counts numerous Fortune 100 companies as clients. Tony is from the UK and still likes warm beer and scotch without ice. He is also the author of “Decoding Modern Marketing” The first five chapters of are available online at

As Board Chairman in 2011 and 2012, Tony has led successful negotiations with major organizational sponsors. In addition, Tony continues to work closely with SoDA’s Executive Director on new ideas and initiatives for SoDA in alignment with the organization’s overall strategy and mission. His vision and leadership as Board Chairman have contributed greatly to the growth and development of the organization over the past 2 years. IQ continues to contribute production services and additional support for SoDA’s many programs and activities as required.