2015 Event

2015 Academy Recap Publications Now Available:

The SoDA Academy was truly a remarkable event. An outstanding group of delegates from around the globe gathered in October 2015 for two days that would be a radical departure from the typical industry conference. The 300+ participants hailed from Sweden, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and all across the U.S. and Canada.

We were also extremely heartened by the positive feedback from this year’s participants. Over 95% of the attendees indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the Academy, and an almost identical number said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend the Academy to a colleague in the years to come.

Here is what a few of the delegates had to say about the inaugural Academy:

“It’s a meeting of all the best digital agencies on the planet. My Business Development track was amazing.”
Dave Benton, CEO (Metajive)
“The faculty were fantastic. They had such rich and diverse experience.”
Katherine Lee, Director of Strategy (Big Spaceship)
“The working sessions were so helpful…getting up out of your seat, pinning ideas on the board and discussing them with peers. I like the casual nature, and the openness and freedom in which we can all speak transparently about our agencies.”
Scott Robinson, President & CEO (Freshform)
“What I would say to people who weren’t here is that they should probably come next year.”
Sukh Bachal, Product Strategist (Made by Many)
“Wow, wow, wow. Thank you SoDA for an incredible two days with the coolest, smartest, senior level talent in the digital marketing industry.”
Heather Chappell, Director of Client Engagement (VML)
“Mind-blowing to share ideas, talk about challenges and learn from such a wide variety of talented people.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“The collaboration was the most valuable aspect for me. Group activities were where I learned the most. I love the SoDA culture.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Loved the classroom style, activity based and participatory learning style of the whole event.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Working with some of the best in the industry. It’s good to know we’re all figuring it out. #digital #sodaacademy”
Matthew Silliman, SVP Director of Integrated Production (22squared)
“The multi-disciplinary tracks were fantastic.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“The most valuable aspect for me was sharing experiences with lots of agencies around the world who have the same problems we have, and getting creative ideas to solve those issues.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Learning an insane amount in today’s #sodaacademy morning session. Brain explosion.”
Billy Fischer, Director of Business Development (Dynamit)
“Such a great event. Tons of learning.”
Fernando Trevino, CEO (Mescalina)
“The most valuable thing was the openness and willingness to share from all of the attendees. Technically, we’re competitors but it was such a wide range of companies and locations that everybody was willing to share their good and bad news.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Meeting peers and hearing their experiences with what’s worked and what hasn’t was extremely valuable. Validated that the challenges we face are not unique.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“For me, it was incredibly valuable hearing ways in which SoDA’s thought leaders are codifying process.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Loved the small group conversations about big problems within agency process. It was amazing to hear how others had tackled (or attempted to tackle) similar projects.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“The conversation was so valuable. Each of the technology track sessions was very open, honest, and constructive.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Loved that the often overlooked disciplines within agencies (e.g. Biz Dev, HR, Finance) were given equal billing and afforded equal content to the usual suspects. Plus, the peer-to-peer element was invaluable.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“Great beer and wine. Yes, but seriously…the whole experience was terrific. The classroom style conversations were great.”
Anonymous from feedback survey
“So honored to have learned from the best in the digital industry!”
Gabriel Ramirez, Director of Business Development (SiteWire)